Text Box: Text Box: Hazel Latcham - Chairman / Treasurer
The Commitee Members

Margaret Butt joined us in 2005 and has played a variety of roles from Lady of the Manor to an alien spotter ! She says that she really enjoys character roles and relished being a ruffian with a very dodgy accent in “Wyrd Sisters”

Text Box: Margaret Butt - Committee Member
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Jean is a  committee member and one of our longest serving members.

she has been Chairman, wardrobe mistress, props, prompt, director, award winning

actress , and every other job that is possible to do…….not least her catering for productions!!

Text Box: Jean Colclough - Committee Member

Fiona joined EEP in 2010 and her first role was in the November production of "Fawley Towers"

Fiona was delighted to play Polly, a part which she then has the privilege of playing three times!!

As well as taking part in many productions, Fiona has also enjoyed helping backstage and assisting with front of house duties. She says that being part of EEP “is like having another family, we all help and support each other”.

Text Box: Fiona McCarthy - Committee Member

Shirley Wolfe joined us in 2005 and has played many memorable roles including Sybil in

“Fawlty Towers” and Granny in Terry Pratchett’s “Wyrd Sisters” & “Maskerade”

She has also worked backstage and ‘advised’ her husband Jim when he has directed.. although she insists that she has no wish to direct herself! 

Text Box: Shirley Wolfe - Secretary

Hazel Joined E.E.P. In 1996, she has performed and directed for the group during her time with them and is now not only Chairman but also Treasurer.
Hazel trained in drama at Southlands College Wimbledon in the late 1960’s and has belonged to groups in Portsmouth, Henley, Reading , and Essex where she has also performed with R.O.D.s, L.O.D.s, Eastwood Players & Third Edge. She also took part in both Community plays at The Palace Theatre. Her home and heart are now firmly with E.E.P


Hazel was made a life member at the 2020 AGM having 25 unbroken years as a member and she is also the longest standing Chairman and Treasurer !

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