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Cast List


Granny Weatherwax - Shirley Wolfe

Nanny Ogg - Hazel Latcham

Magrat Garlick - Deborah Coverley

Duke Felmet - Mark Spooner

Duchess Felmet - Fiona McCarthy

Fool - Charlie Topping

Vitoller - Rob Norman

Tomjon - Chris Okamback

King Verance - Graham Carder

Denizens of the Discworld - Various


Directed by Mark Delf


  **  12th-15th  NOVEMBER 2014  **


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Text Box: This show was dedicated to the memory of :-

Heather Bloxsome

A formidable member of EEP, both as an actress and Director.
She sadly lost her battle with cancer on 
22nd September 2014. Heather will never be forgotten by those who knew her.